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We offer dynamic, well-researched real estate valuation services for a variety of property types


A valuation is a legally binding document and so can be a valuable document when negotiating with buyers/vendors and if any disputes arise. Thirty-Four Real Estate Valuation will prevent any financial shocks, especially if you are planning to buy a property off-plan or a house-and-land package, where the price you pay may be affected by rebates, incentives, developer profits, marketing costs and a change in value over time. A lower valuation may require a buyer to dip into the hip pocket or be forced to take out mortgage.

While a real estate agent is compelled to act on behalf of the vendor, for an objective assessment, a reputable valuator’s services should be required. Whereas many people will seek qualified financial advice when making other investment decisions, most of the people will make a property investment without an objective advice, even though this decision might affect the rest of their lives. Al Ruwad will help you understand the difference between price and value. Value is what your property is worth and can be accurately assessed by a competent qualified valuer.

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Thirty-Four Real Estate Valuation’s multi-disciplinary group of professionals provide expert residential and commercial property valuation across the United Arab Emirates, based on an extensive local experience in the real estate industry. Our team follows a rigid set of “best practices” guidelines, set up and closely monitored by the International Valuation Standards (IVS). Standing by a strict “Code of Conduct” and “Code of Ethics” lies at the very core of Thirty-Four Real Estate Valuation, whose practices are defined by professionalism and strict regulations, in order to deliver highly standardized results to our customers over a myriad of sectors.

Established in 2013, Thirty-Four Real Estate Valuation represents a branch of Al Ruwad Real Estate, a UAE National company led by a skillful team of executives who understand the local market retaining a strong industry network. Serving as the facilitator, consultant and partner, Al Ruwad offers an array of strategic planning services, through a thorough market analysis, scenario analysis, opportunity identification, internal analysis and strategy formulation.


An estimate of a property's value must take into consideration economic and social trends, as well as governmental controls or regulations and environmental conditions that may influence the elements of value. Our specialized valuators at Thirty-Four Real Estate Valuation are using valuation concepts, such as: value vs. cost and price, market value, sales comparison, depreciation, income capitalization, etc. to determine:


Thirty-Four Real Estate Valuation’s mission is to make a valuable impact on the world through the business of real estate. We raise the bar high through impacting the lives of the people we serve by meeting their goals, acting with integrity, and building life-long relationships.


To be recognized as the market benchmark for innovation and service excellence in real estate valuation niche.

  • To develop partnerships with our clients and their trusted advisors
  • To provide a high caliber, standardized real estate valuation across different industries and offer sound financial and investment advice
  • To offer our staff a fulfilling professional climate with which to balance their personal goals and ambitions
  • Utility
    The ability to satisfy future owners' desires and needs;
  • Transferability
    The ease with which ownership rights are transferred.
  • Demand
    The desire or need for ownership supported by the financial means to satisfy the desire;
  • Scarcity
    The finite supply of competing properties;

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